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+ Do you enjoy what you do?

Absolutely! I have a warm and engaging personality. I am naturally playful and have a knack for making you feel comfortable and anxiety free. Whether you are shy or outspoken, our time together will have no bounds on intoxicating intimacy and absolute fun. When was the last time you spent hours living moment to moment? Completely pleasure driven, both mind and body? Lost to time and space... As we are co-creating and experiencing these same moments together, it would be impossible to not enjoy our time together.

+ Where are you located, and may I come visit you?

I am based in New York City, and I travel to both London and LA every 3-4 months. Beyond that.... I'm found world over. After you're verified we may match up schedules. Of course you may visit me and I'll happily accept an invitation to come visit you. If I am to arrange our private location, know that I'll ask to be reimbursed for it. You may find details to this on my Terms of Engagement page.

+ Do you have a philosphy to your style of courtesanship and what is it?

Ah- the trick question! The one that I could fill pages upon pages answering! It is also the one that no matter how eloquent I am, you will not believe me or even understand until we've embarked on our escapade together. I treat my relationships forged here in the demimonde as exactly that- relationships. That's almost a curse word to some who traverse this land, yet I couldn't behave in any other way. There are many layers to how and why I love this world. It's fun to share my passions, yet I find it infinitely more fulfilling to create a perfect space for you that you may share for yourself. It's a strong motivation, and the place I eagerly strive to take us to. Once here with me, it is easy and comfortable to let go of the tediums of life. Your preferences and desires will be meticulously prepared for and met. With me you will never have to think before you speak, nor be constrained. You'll be free with me, to dream. I am here to enter your life offering you irrestible adveture and sensual romance. Invite Me in to do so now.

+ Is it really you in the photos? why is your face blurred?

+ Why haven't you responded to my email?

I view our email correspondence as a marker of our compatibility. Filling out my complete reservation form, including the free form introduction section, demonstrates a seriousness of intent in seeing where our journey can lead. Until you have shown your intent via respect for my request, I will not engage via email. I will respond favorably to formal inquiries made via the P411 website ( I do respond to all emails personally and the time I might devote to emails is extremely stretched. If I don't respond in a reasonable amount of time- and provided your introduction was complete with respectfulness and all REQUIRED information, please send me a gentle reminder. I do not ever intentionally ignore a polite introduction or note from an existing Patron.

I do ask for patience with correspondence. Thanks to my career and travel schedule I do NOT make emails a daily priority unless we have an upcoming engagement. I also do have a bad habit of starting a draft and not quite finishing it. I sometimes think I have pressed send, when it was save. If your introdution was polite and engaging, or if we have an existing relationship, please do gently resend the email after a week or so. Otherwise, please have patience with me. Our courtship is to be a lasting one and some extra time in between contact here or there are part of a slow burn of deep desire and anticipation.

+ Do you accept and give referrals?

+ Do you see couples and/or single women? More importantly: do you enjoy it?

A wholehearted, spine tingly YES. As a couple, I believe that exploration is one of the most important things you could do together to stregnthen your bond and love. If you are going to have an adventure together, why not let it be one of pure pleasure? I have been a unicorn in various stages of my life where my primary relationship was with a couple. I love getting to have the contrast between male and female in an intimate setting. I will ask that both parties be fully aware of the situation, and I may ask to communicate directly with each of you to be sure this is so. As unfortunate as it is, I will not be party to a couples date as a "surprise" to one of the couple. I do require that both of you be in full agreement. I also will need to screen you both.

Women.... a woman.... you. No need to read between the lines with me. No need to wonder if it's worth emailing to find out.... I want you. I've been fortunate in my life to play with women of all sorts and all backgrounds. All women hold a sacred place in my book. Yes... fun is fun, play is play, but there is always something just a touch more intimate about two women together, really bringing one another to depths of pleasure. Screening is still a must.

+ Will you be the one emailing me back?

Yes, so long as you filled out the Anticipate Form fully and included a polite introduction. Please know that it sometimes takes me up to a few days to respond as I handle correspondences myself. I am thankful for your patience.

+ Are you available to travel?

Happily So! Provided that we have met and the chemistry is such that it flows freely in both directions. I'm so passionate about travel. I've been to 5 of the 7 continents and will add another next year. The taste of adventure is one that lingers for me and I am thrilled to get to walk around a city- or for that matter, any landscape- unfamiliar to me. That spark of travel excitement will go straight to my core no matter if we are to sip apple tea relaxing outside of a Turkish Souk or stamp our feet to a country tune in Nashville. My travel experience runs the gamut from historical walking tours in Boston and architectural tours in Chicago to scuba diving in "The Last Frontier" in Palawan, Phillippines and even collecting wildlife and habitat data in the bowels of the african jungle. Carry on, travel trunk, camping pack, they are alll tucked in my closet waiting to get packed. I'm both practical and adventurous to the core! While a day or four in the sun with you will always be a welcome invitation, you'll find me researching the activities that can bring a fuller experience to us in that locale beyond the poolside lounge chair.

Combining our shared passion for travel with our passion for each other will result in a trip filled to bursting with explosive memories. I'm well versed in making logistical decisions and arrangements and will be more than happy to play travel agent. There are a few special considerations regarding travel deposits and you will find the information listed on my Terms of Engagement page.

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